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    Bimal Shah Guest

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    Hi !<BR><BR>I have my collection object filled with records. I want to pass it to some other page so that i can use the same collection without re-hitting to the database.<BR><BR>If is there any way, please do let me know.

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    Manpreet Guest

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    sure there is.<BR>what u do is that u put this collection is the session by ,<BR>Session("col") = yourcolobj<BR>and then on the next page,<BR>page2colobj= Session("col") >> i have used "col" u may use any other variable name also!<BR>------------------<BR>Although u can do this but i guess the idea of trying to pass a collection full of records betwees 2 pages is not 2 great.<BR>it&#039s gonna get slow!<BR><BR>anyways , hope it helps!<BR>

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