Rob, you gave me some great advice yesterday on this topic and were even nice enough to type out the complete function for me. It works and I have incorporated it into my application. Just one more thing-when using this function, the user types in one character over the set limit and is warned. Great!!! But then all of the information that they have typed is erased from the textarea and they are left with the remaining characters that they typed that exceed the limit-i.e. Say the limit was 100. When they get to the 101 char, they are warned, the first 100 chars are erased and they are left with only the 101 char that they typed. Now, I don&#039t mean to look a &#039gift horse in the mouth&#039, but is there a way to warn the user without wiping out what they have already typed??<BR><BR>Again, thanks for yesterday&#039s help and thanks, in advance, for you help today!!!<BR><BR>Happy Holidays All..<BR><BR>Starla