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    My table structure is as follows: <BR><BR>PersonID - who answered the question. <BR>Question ID - For which question he answered. <BR>Points - points according to the answer he choosed.<BR><BR>For eg. if 25 peoples take one survey having 10 questions, and choosed any one of the 4 given options for each question. Each option carries some marks like first carries 1, 2nd carries 0.75 and so on.<BR><BR>Now out of 25 peoples 16 choosed 1st option for the first question, 5 choosed 2nd, 2 choosed 3rd and rest 4th, so i want the "count of peoples" who choosed a certain option maximum no. of times which is 16 in the case of question 1. So i need to obtain count 16 by query. Can anyone please suggest me the query.<BR>

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    Select Count(QuestionID) From Questions group By QuestionID<BR><BR>Read Up on th Group By Clause, this is what you are looking for!<BR><BR>Http://<BR><BR>HTH<BR>

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