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    I am trying to implement an online quiz. There is 16 questions each with 4 possible answers (multiple choice). I cant seem to think of a way of validating this quiz. the user will choose his/her answers and then submit the quiz at the end. This will then be validated, if there is any questions wrong then it will return to a page and state that they didnt get all the questions right. If they get them right it will send me an email. I thought about just having the values for the check boxes either yes or no but i realised that they could view the source.<BR><BR>Any ideas would be great.<BR><BR>Paul

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    test the results against answers in a database, a delimited text file, or...or...or.....<BR><BR>you could have your results set up in some variables on a processor page.

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    Store your Ansers in a Database, and then use a server side script to compare everything in a SQL statement<BR><BR>Add the Users Answers to another table (obviously, you need a UserID to add for this person) , then Select Out the answers that they wrote, and the correct answers, and compare them, if they all match, Whooooohooooo!<BR><BR>If they Don&#039;t, Boooohooooo!<BR><BR>Etc.!<BR><BR>Must do it server side, if you don&#039;t want users to see source!<BR>And this way, you get to see how stupid some people are! (You&#039;d be surprised)<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR>HTH

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