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    my database has X tables for current/live data. but over a period of time the application created quite a few Archive tables with lot of data in the same database. Archive data is needed ( read only ) along with live data in a few VB screens. <BR><BR>now 2 Q<BR><BR>1. to facilitate backing up, i propose to split tha tables into two file grous. so only live data tables could be backed up frequently. and the other filegroup only once. and can be deleted from the database. <BR><BR>is this ok ? or am i missing a point or two ?<BR><BR>2. can anyone tell me because of these splittings, will there be a performance gain in DML operations ? insert update delete ? <BR><BR>please help . thanks a lot in advance mils <BR>

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    Instead of file groups, why don&#039;t you have a second database on a second machine? This will be a much easier solution. Filegroups will only give you performance benefit if you have multiple harddrives like in a RAID system.

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