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    how do i create a dsnless MySQL connection<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Sorry about the lame question<BR><BR>Mike

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    Doesn&#039;t have the answer?<BR><BR>:)

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    Default Presumably using MyODBC?

    If so, then IN THEORY:<BR><BR>connect_string = "Driver={Mysql}; Server=[server_name]; Database=[database_name]; UID=[username]; PWD=[password]"<BR><BR>server_name will typically be the name of the machine on the network. "localhost" might work if the MySQL server is on the same machine as your ASP engine, but I&#039;ve had better luck just specifying the machine name, regardless. If you are using a port other than the standard one (3306 I think it is?) you need to put that into the server_name, as well. Never done it, but I *think* the format is "localhost:7213" or similar.<BR><BR>

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