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    Hi,<BR>I have a unique request where in I have to put my company info in an asp page. This asp source needs to be given to the customer. My problem is, how do I hide my company info in the asp page so that it cannot be seen by the customer (who has the source and can change it) but still at any point I can display the company info.<BR><BR>One solution is to display the info on performing a specific operation like ctrl+shift+f1...<BR>Another one is to encrypt the asp page and put the info there.<BR><BR>Is there any other way of hiding the info and displaying it when required and which cannot be modified by the customer.<BR><BR>Please let me know your ideas<BR><BR>regards<BR>king

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    Default Even if you encrypt it...

    ...I don&#039;t see how you can prevent a customer from simply excising that portion of the code.<BR><BR>I have an alternate suggestion:<BR><BR>Put *SOME* vital piece of code into a JavaScript include file!<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT Language=JavaScript SRC="http://yoursite.com/xyz.asp"&#062;<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>So that include file not only supplies the "missing" JS code piece, but it also slips in your "signature". And since it comes from *your* site, the customer has no ability to change it.<BR><BR>A really clever customer might be able to replicate the "missing" JS code and get rid of your include. But if they are that clever, they could just swipe whatever pieces of your code they want and create brand new pages.<BR><BR>Look, if license agreements with plenty of legalese and huge penalties for violation don&#039;t convince your customers to be moderately honest, no amount of mucking with source code will, either.<BR><BR>AHHH! Another idea: Supply a *component* that is needed by your code to function. Hide the goodies in the component. Now *that* would be harder to get rid of.<BR><BR>

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