Hi, I am having 4 IIS 4.0 with Index Servers installed. Now I built index server cataloge in all these servers. When I make a search request, in two of the servers they return perfectly whatever is in the body text and in the other two server they return the javascripts in the &#060;head&#062; part as well as some text from the &#060;body&#062;. <BR>Note that neither of the page is having the &#060;meta&#062; description in teh &#060;head&#062; section and the pages are same in all these servers but behaving differently. <BR><BR>I pressume that this is fue to the cataloge or some setting in the Index Server. <BR><BR>PLEASE, if you know the solution, or atleast can identify teh problem please let me know at dipankar.basak@rothschild.com.au