HI GUYS,<BR><BR>I was playing with the session variable and I was expecting it be passed to the pop up window. I found out that the pop up window doesn&#039t take the session variable. I think this is because it&#039s a different web page. Is this everyone&#039s experience or am I doing something wrong ? <BR><BR>Again -- here are my intentions<BR> I put the session variable in the main page <BR>session("UserWasHere")=2<BR><BR>then i do response.write session("UserWasHere") and it does print out the number 2 on the screen.<BR><BR>then i have the user click on the button which pops up a window using javascript which is in the head of the main page.<BR><BR>the new window pops up <BR>i do response.write session("UserWasHere") nothing displays on the screen what&#039s the deal ? <BR><BR>anybody have any work around ? the html page referred to by the pop up window is not within the folder or a sub folder that the main page was in. Therefore I do not think a global.asa session on start would work ? what do you guys think ??<BR>please help