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    I have a MS-access datbase and was trying to enter records into it using ASP. The code is working fine and no doubts about it. But when I check for the errors in the Connection object, after opening, the connection<BR><BR>MyConnection.Errors.Count is set to 1<BR>and the Description says<BR>"=[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver&#039;s SQLSetConnectAttr failed"<BR><BR>But ignoring this if I insert records and close the connection, the records are entering into the table without any problem.<BR><BR>Can anyone explain ?<BR><BR>Thanks a Lot<BR><BR>padma Krishnan

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    The ADO connection error object also returns status information. If you get a count of more than 0, check the numeric value of each item in the error collection. Fatal errors should have a non zero value. Other values are generally just being "helpful". <BR><BR>regards,<BR><BR>Dave Kawliche<BR><BR>

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