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    Default Insert Excel data into SQL database

    Hi there,<BR>This is what I want to do. I&#039;ve got a huge excel datasheet. I want to insert this data into my sqlserver database. This can&#039;t be done by DTS tool because I want to insert the rowdata into different tables and fields. Not all field in the SQl database can be filled so i&#039;ve got to fill some of it with a empty field.<BR>I can make a connection to the excel sheet in an ASP page but how do I insert this into the SQL database. Is it possible?<BR><BR>excel data<BR>colum1, colum2, colum3 -&#062; columnames are fields in SQL db<BR>data1, data2, data3 -&#062; fiels inserted into different SQl tables which are linked.

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    Default I would use the DTS

    in the DTS you can specify which colums/rows to import. Select the option "Use an query to specify the data". You can even use an subset of VBscript (ActiveXscript). So its quite powerfull if you look in to it. I&#039;m sure it can meet your demands.

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