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    Default Why wwwroot????

    I want to know what is the role of wwwroot directory in Microsoft Web Servers. Why we put our sites code in that folder <BR>Thanks in Advance

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    Default well you've got to put it somewhere....

    it&#039;s short for world wide web root folder.<BR><BR>you can actually use ANY folder you like, but wwwroot is the default.

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    Well your IIS Application Server which interpretes ASP pages <BR>through ASP.DLL and use of ISAPI nad filters,need to know where<BR>your application lies on the hard disk ie directory.<BR><BR>So you need to map the application folder path in your IIS manager.So in case you put your application folder anywhere in your server machine directory,you could access it vie URL<BR>http://SERVERNAME/APPLICATION/DEFAULT-PAGE ADDRESS<BR><BR>But what if you dont want to do all these headaches.ie suppose you dont know how to manage IIS management.So simply go to <BR>C or D:/Inetpub/wwwroot/<BR>and paste your application there in a folder.So your IIS will automatically understand and by giving <BR>http://SERVERNAME/APPLICATION/DEFAULT-PAGE ADDRESS<BR>It will display the addressed page.<BR><BR>OK.<BR>Reagrds,<BR>Rushi Shroff

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