Thank you for some very usefull tips<BR>but this thing I&#039;m on still fails.<BR><BR>If you have time to give it a shot,<BR>please email me at:<BR>I will reply with db access information<BR>and code to make sure we&#039;re talking about<BR>the same thing.<BR><BR>SITUATION<BR>A) "VBscript.asp" is a web based db administrator that, once connected, "should" be able to create, edit, delete every aspect of an online database. (It works fine on other DBs that are on the same server as the script).<BR>B) "dbHost" is an sql server 2000 on a different IP than "VBscript.asp". Access is limited to a certain port!<BR><BR>The "dbHost" provider (ReadyHosting) can not (or will not) give me an example for a functional connection other than for an Enterprise Manager Client (which unlike the asp script, does work!). <BR>The programmer of the script also has no more ideas.<BR>So here I am.<BR>Please help me connect A) to B)<BR>... surely if the Enterprise Manager client can access this database then so should an ASP script, right?<BR>I&#039;m hoping it&#039;s just a matter of coming up with the correct connection string... <BR>Let me send you details.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>hac