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Thread: Writing data from HTML form to Access database

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    Default Writing data from HTML form to Access database

    Hi, this will appear elementary to many of you, but we don&#039;t have ITS help here in the training department. I am creating an evaluation form for online training in Dreamweaver4 and wanting to write the data the users enter to an Access database-- Evaluations.mdb. The form has been created in Dreamweaver to have the same field names as the table in Evaluations.mdb. <BR>I have set up the DSN name and I&#039;m pretty clear on how to open the database, collect the data in the form...but how do I write the collected data back to the database?<BR>Any help whatsoever will be appreciated.<BR><BR>

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    Default www.LearnASP.com

    Or go get a good book.<BR><BR>This should be about the very first thing you learn, if you are going to use a DB with ASP. Okay, second thing: after you learn how to get data *out* of the DB.<BR><BR>[ Basically, you have two choices: Use a SQL INSERT statement or use ADODB.RecordSet.AddNew. ]<BR><BR>

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