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    I am accessing a headline news script from This script can only be changed by them and it is done regularly throughout the day. I am having some download time problems accessing the script from excite each time a user loads the page. It has to go to excite and back each time this page loads. I wanted to know if there was a way that I could cache this script and then access it from my own site rather than excite. Thanks!

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    Well, one thing you could try is the script timeout command.<BR>I&#039m not sure of the exact syntax and it only lengthens the time the browser has to go to excite to retrieve the information. It&#039s something like<BR>set script.timeout=5000 where the number is the number of miliseconds that the browser will wait before timing out on a request. As far as caching goes, the user will have to go to their site no matter what to get it in their cache to begin with. Also, if the point is that Excite changes it throughout the day and you want the most updated version on your site, then they will still need to go to excite&#039s site...

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