Hello,i&#039;ve a problem with mail attachment.<BR>My web site uses a form to collect data from users and then it compose an e-mail message automatically.My problem is this:I ask users to specify,with a file field,the attachment location for example c:sometingsomething.txt.<BR>After this i use the get method to send data to asp page that provides to compose my mail.<BR>To create e new e-mail i use the object CDONTS.Now i &#039;ve a problem with attachment beacuse when i write:<BR> dim root<BR> attachment=request.querystring("file")<BR> &#039;where "file" is the name of my file field in the previous poge <BR> Mymail.attachFile attachment &#039;&#060;--here server give me the message &#039;unspecified error&#039;.<BR> Mymail.send ("bla,bla,bla....")<BR><BR>What&#039;s the problem?Is it a microsoft bug?Can i use another way to send an e-mail with attachment automatically?<BR>Thnaks<BR><BR><BR><BR>