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    So, I am 16 and an internet nerd but hey, it will make me good money aspecailly now that I have expanded my internet programming with asp recently. But the only problem is I am lost in trying to create a login script, not the database past but keeping a page sacure(sp?) so you can&#039;t get around it. How do I make it good and right, so you can&#039;t type in the url of the page and have it bypass the login....I am so lost! Any form of help would be greatefully appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>---<BR>Bryan V.<BR>webmaster@cgproject.com/bryan@cgproject.com<BR>cgproject.com

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    Default So many ways...

    ...that maybe we should get you started in the RIGHT way:<BR><BR>Click on "ASPFAQs" in the top right corner of this page.<BR><BR>In the page that appears, click on the "Search" link.<BR><BR>Type in "login" and do the search.<BR><BR>

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