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    Hello,<BR><BR> I have a question on frames.<BR> <BR> I have a page with three frames. My main page or the parent page is Like this. <BR><BR>&#060;FRAMESET COLS="30%,70%"&#062; <BR> &#060;FRAMESET ROWS="50%,50%"&#062; <BR> &#060;frame name="leftup" src="abc.asp"&#062;<BR> &#060;frame name="leftdown" src="new.asp"&#062;<BR> &#060;/FRAMESET&#062; <BR> &#060;FRAMESET&#062; <BR> &#060;FRAME name="right" SRC="../def.asp"&#062; <BR> &#060;/FRAMESET&#062; <BR>&#060;/FRAMESET&#062; <BR><BR> on the frame "leftup" I have a form that loads the results into frame "right". I simple targeted the submit button to right frame.<BR> on the frame "leftdown" I have a two forms : one that calls itself. Other that submits the targeted results to the "leftup" frame.<BR> <BR> My problem is when I submit the form in "leftdown" frame. the page is loading into a new one(target=main or top ) or it is <BR>loading into the "leftdown" frame ( target=self). I wanted target so the I will be able to see all the frames. Hope I explained the situation correctly.<BR><BR> If any one knows how to do this please help. <BR>Thank you<BR>Rajesh

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    Not sure I understand. If you don&#039;t want it to display in _parent or _self then where?

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