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    I am trying to get CDO to work. The sysadmin just installed the Option Pack and said all was ready on the server end. I created a simple asp page (code below) and get the following error message: "Permission Denied". The SysAdmin knows nothing about CDONTS. Any ideas?? Here is my code:<BR><BR>&#060;%@ Language=VBScript %&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR> dim objCDO<BR> set objCDO = server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR> <BR> objCDO.To = ""<BR> objCDO.From = ""<BR> <BR> <BR> dim txtMessage<BR> txtMessage = "Hey man, get to work!"<BR> <BR> <BR> objCDO.Subject = "Hey"<BR> objCDO.Body = txtMessage<BR> objCDO.Send<BR> set objCDO = nothing<BR>%&#062; <BR>&#060;HTML&#062;<BR>&#060;HEAD&#062;<BR>&#060; META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0"&#062;<BR>&#060;/HEAD&#062;<BR>&#060;BODY&#062;<BR>&#060;h4&#062; Hey Man...your mail was sent"&#060;/H4&#062;<BR>&#060;P&#062;&nbsp;&#060;/P&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;/BODY&#062;<BR>&#060;/HTML&#062;<BR>

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    It sounds like you are running CDO (NewMail) on an NT Server.<BR><BR>You must remember that all processes run on an NT Server MUST run under a valid NT Account. It sounds like the SMTP Server that you are trying to send mail doesn&#039t have the proper Account privileges setup to allow email messages to be sent through CDO (IIS).<BR><BR>If you are using "Anonynous Authentication" on your web page, then Microsoft&#039s Internet information Server (IIS) will run under a default account name (usually "IUSR_machinename"). Whenever IIS serves a page (htm or asp), IIS impersonates the default Account ("IUSR_machinename"), interfaces with the NT system and serves the page, if it has the appropriate permissions.<BR><BR>If the "IUSR_machinename" Account doesn&#039t have WRITE privileges to the SMTP mail directories, then you get your famous "Permission Denied" error message. Windows NT is saying that the "IUSR_machinename" doesn&#039t have permission to write new mail to its mail directories; thereby giving you the "Permissions Denied" error.<BR><BR>If you are using Windows NT SMTP mail server, verify that the MailRootDrop, MailRootPickup, MailRootQueu, and MailRootBadmail directories are setup so that the "IUSR_machinename" Account has READ and WRITE privileges.<BR><BR>Of course, the SMTP server itself must be setup properly for the whole thing to work. Talk to your sysadmin.<BR><BR>If you are using "Basic Authentication" or "NT Challeng/Response Authentication", IIS will impersonate the authenticated user Account. In this case the authenticated user Account must also have WRITE persmissions to the SMTP mail directories.<BR><BR>I hope this helps.

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