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    kmk Guest

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    what is the correct syntax for redirecting to another page passing variable value combination????<BR> should this be in quotes?<BR>should the value/variable pair be in quotes??? <BR>mypage.asp?V1=V1Value&V2=V2Value&Vr3=Vr3Value& Vr4=V4Value<BR><BR>Thanks!!!

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    &#060;%<BR>Response.Redirect("mypage.asp?V1=V1Valu e&V2=V2Value&Vr3=Vr3Value&Vr4=V4Value")<BR>%&#06 2;

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    Mark Guest

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    If V1Value, V2Value, V3Value, V4Value are parameters (not values), I suggest that you use Server.URLEncode(V1Value) to make sure that each parameter is properly formatted for URL requirements.<BR>e.g.<BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim strRedirect<BR>strRedirect = "mypage.asp?V1=" & Server.URLEncode(V1Value) & "&V2=" & Server.URLEncode(V2Value"<BR>Response.Redirect(str Redirect)<BR>%&#062;

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    khm Guest

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    Yes these are parameters passed. <BR> Server.URLEncode. Is this the best way to handle this situation

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