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    I have a small question today.<BR>We have windows 2000 servers running in our IS department and all the clients or users are on windows 98 or win2k on their desktops. If we go to .NET, and implement the different options in it like web services, etc.., do we need to change the the operating system on the client machines to windows XP for proper functionality of the .NET applications? I think only the developers and the servers which are hosting are to be changes to Windows XP. Am I correct? Thanks..HP

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    Yes, you are correct, assuming you are building Web services / ASP.NET Web sites using .NET. You can also build stand-alone Windows applications with .NET (see http://www.geocities.com/scott_k_mitchell/ for a game I programmed using C# - Minesweeper.NET (you need the Beta2 of the .NET Framework to play it)) - in such a case, the computer that was going to have the standalone app installed would need the .NET Framework. (which will run on Win9X/WinNT)

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