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    i want to say i'am sorry for sending my qwestion to two forum,it was by mistake i probly get into the wrong forum in first place and when i didn't see the qwestion i send it again in the forum that i intentend to sent in first place,i am sorry if i couse any problem it wont happen again,i want to say thank you for your help it's not the first time i have get help here and i aprishate your help ,forgive me !!!!!!!!!!!! by probly will see me again .

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    Default Too funny!

    Heh! EVERYBODY crossposts from time to time. No big deal. You *will* note that I don&#039;t whack people with the crosspost message until they get an answer in one of the forums.<BR><BR>Keep posting! Glad to have you here!<BR><BR>

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