We have a form comprised of text boxes and select boxes. We used lookup tables to populate the select box fields with choices. <BR><BR>The user fills out the form and hits a button that doesn&#039t submit the data, but holds it in hidden fields. The user is then shown a table with their entries/selections displayed in a list. They have the opportunity to change their information (by hitting a &#039Change My Info&#039 button), or to confirm and submit to the database (by hitting an &#039Accept&#039 button). <BR><BR>If the user decides to change their information, the form is redrawn and repopulated with the data from the hidden fields. The select boxes, however, revert to their defaults. <BR><BR>Although we have client-side validation to decline empty strings(including select boxes set to their defaults), we don&#039t want to annoy the user by making them reselect information from multiple drop-down boxes. :)<BR><BR>If anyone has any suggestions, I&#039d love to hear from you!<BR><BR>Thanks and have a great day...<BR><BR>sesh