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    Whats wrong with this line of code, as it produces an ASP error that says this:<BR><BR>ASP - An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.<BR><BR>Which isnt very helpful unfortunatly, anyway the line of code:<BR><BR>objRS.open "DNAMembers2",objconn,adopenforwardonly,adlockopti mistic,adcmdtable<BR><BR>The objects are all defined and set properly, the objconn has all the correct details, the table is there and is spelt correctly too?!?!<BR><BR>Thanks for your help<BR><BR>Bob

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    Default Did you include adovbs.inc?

    Or, equivalently, define all those adXXX constants you used?<BR><BR>See the ASPFAQs (there is a link at the top right corner of this page) for info on adovbs.inc<BR><BR>

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