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    I&#039ve just installed PWS on my PC in order to learn ASP. Well after installation of PWS, when I create my ASP page and go into either IE5 or Netscape and type my address in the address line, and all I see it the text, not the asp page.<BR><BR>I have my internet access through my cable modem, not thru AOL, AT&T, Compuserve, etc., would this make a difference?<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Hi,<BR> Your access to the internet really doesn&#039t have anything to do with it. You are basically trying to create an intranet. One of the common mistakes when people first try to use PWS is that they type in the physical location rather than the http: location. Put your page in the directory that is either inetpub/wwwroot or webshare/wwwroot. Then, double click on the icon that should be in your lower right tray (is looks like a Mickey Mouse hand holding a ball). This will tell you what you server is called (ie - http://mycomputer). Go to IE and type that in along with you ASP name. It should work now. If not, there is a little know trick to make it work.<BR> Go to windows explorer, click on the windows directory and then find the file named hosts.sam. Open that file in notepad. There is a line of numbers and then a name something like local. Copy that line and paste it on the line below. Then replace the word local with the name of your server. Save the file and you are ready to go.<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>Brandon

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