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Thread: Please suggest a book.

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    Default Please suggest a book.

    What book should I get to help me use JavaScript TOGETHER WITH<BR>VBScript on the same page of code? Should I learn DHTML?<BR>

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    Default Did you read the ASPFAQs??

    Especially this one:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Did you follow all the links on that FAQ page, especially the last one? "ASP Basics: What&#039;s Happening Back There?"<BR><BR>The problem is that there ISN&#039;T any interaction between client-side JS and server side VBS. Period. It doesn&#039;t happen.<BR><BR>So you won&#039;t find books discussing it, because it isn&#039;t there.<BR><BR>Client side JS is NO DIFFERENT than any other HTML, from the viewpoint of the server. <BR><BR>Yes, you should learn DHTML, but that&#039;s like asking if you shold know Spanish when you know English. Of course you should! The more you know, the better. But knowing DHTML won&#039;t have any impact on knowing ASP. They are two different languages that are commonly used in two different "countries."<BR><BR>

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