Hi,<BR>I have created an MTS component, registered in my m/c (I&#039m using VB6 & WINNT 4.0). the functionality is simple. To insert records in 2 tables. I am trying to test it in VB environment before I use it in ASP. So I have created a test application which has a reference to this dll. When I execute the exe, the insertion is happening fine, but when it executes SetComplete or SetAbort or any of the methods of GetObjectContext object, it&#039s giving an error "OBJECT VARIABLE OR WITH BLOCK VARIABLE NOT SET".<BR><BR>I tried to use the DEBUG MODE. The GetObjectContext() does not return a reference. Everytime it returns NOTHINGand hence the it fails. What exactly doest it mean if the GetObjectContext() returns NOTHING?<BR> <BR>I&#039m not able to proceed with the developing MTS Components. Pls clarify<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Sanjay,<BR>INDIA