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    Being new to ASP I need help with what is probably a very simple problem. I want to fill a table with data from a database. I do this with a Do While loop. At the start of the loop, after the user has selected their search criteria, I want to display and animated gif saying "Downloading Data....." When the loop is finished I want to hide the animated gif.

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    You *might* be able to do it by putting the gif into a &#060;DIV&#062; and then hiding that div with JS code that loads at the very end of the page.<BR><BR>Do Response.Buffer=True in your ASP code and then Response.Flush right after you send out the gif.<BR><BR>But sometimes the system is too "smart" for you, and buffers everything to the end anyway.<BR><BR>The most reliable way is probably to use frames, where the frame that receives the full data is 100% hidden. The visible frame gets the gif and then the invisible frame, when it is fully loaded, re-writes the entire contents of the visible one.<BR><BR>

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    I do this by opening a new window with a "Loading" animation then closing the window with the onLoad event of the opening page. Don&#039;t know if this will work for you or not. You can definately do this with a hidden div tag though. I choose the other method to avoid browser conflicts.

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