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    I have installed PWS on a maschine to be used on a Intranet. I need to make some mailforms,and have therefore downloaded the Jmail component.<BR><BR>How do I Install it ?<BR>

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    1) See to that Winsock2 is installed (Win95 users only). You can download it from Microsoft. <BR><BR>2) Copy JMail.dll to the system32 directory. (ie C:WINNTSystem32) <BR><BR>3) Run "REGSVR32 C:WINNTSystem32JMail.dll" C:WINNTSystem32 should be substituted for wherever you have your system32 directory <BR><BR>4) go to, register and log in, click on Components &#124 w3 JMail &#124 FAQ for more help.

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