First, I am asking this in the .NET forum because the existing solution I have is the "Microsoft.XMLHTTP" object, which is obviously related to XML solutions. Let me know if there is a different forum to ask this in.<BR><BR>Reiterating, I am now able to call for any page on the web via its URL and turn that source code into a VB variable. I can also call for that page with a querystring collection, i.e. and so on.<BR><BR>However, here is my question: HOW WOULD YOU MAKE THAT PAGE CALL WHILE SENDING A FORM COLLECTION AS WELL? i.e. use the XMLHTTP object to get the results of a page, but do so sending a form collection as if from a form on the server&#039;s own site whose action is to that page.<BR><BR>The purpose of this is to fill in information automatically when the form layout is understood, and this is of course with coordination from the requesting server.<BR><BR>If you can answer this I will be duly impressed. Extra credit: sending cookies (or are those just searchable automatically).