Here&#039s my situation -- <BR><BR>I&#039ve been assigned to develop a web based application that allows a user to insert, update, delete etc. information on an Access or SQL backend database. I&#039ve got a few things down like designing the forms and using ASP to connect to the database. Here&#039s where I get stuck... The data I&#039m working in requires many combo boxes, some of which may have thousands of options. If I load every option into the combo box, I get a quite large combo box! However, users need to be able to see all of these options.<BR><BR>So, how can I get my combo box to only load a buffered amount of values and then load the next values in the list _while the user scrolls_ down? And how can this happen without refreshing the page? I&#039m guess Java Script will somehow come into play here. Thanks in advance for the help.<BR><BR>Jeff<BR>