I&#039;ve to display images which would stored in the same hierarchy as maincategory-category-subcategory. Imagename is stored in the products table in a database. For some reason one of the image is not pulling up maybe cuase space in between directory name?<BR>i&#039;m using IE4<BR>Though there is other image which is one level up with three words as subcategory is pulling up fine..<BR><BR>so image is stored like:<BR><BR>Batteries<BR> 12 Volt<BR> Pre Pack<BR> prepack.gif<BR><BR>ny code to diplay look like<BR><BR>imageurl = "images/" & rsm("mcatname") & "/" & rs("catname") & "/" & rs("cimage")<BR>response.write "&#060;img src="""&imageurl&""" border=0&#062;<BR>"<BR><BR>I&#039;ve set recordset earlier in the code, if i responsewirte imageurl it does show right path, however its NOT displaying image for some reason...<BR><BR>response.write shows path of an image as, image is under this directory.<BR>images/Batteries/12 Volt/12volt.gif<BR><BR>thanks in advance