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    Hi have a drop down menu that feed information into my ASP page. I have 6 choose for the drop down menu but I need to help with setting up if a certain choice is made that a new text box opens up. I already have one text box but if the end user choose DESCRIPTION I need another text box. Any help would be great.

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    Default Can't be done cross browser...

    *IF* this is for an inTRAnet site that allows use of only MSIE, then we can discuss it. Otherwise...<BR><BR>NS (and Opera and ...) does *not* allow hiding a form field and/or adding a form field once the page has been created.<BR><BR>You *might* be able to put a blank image on top of the form field. I&#039;ve never tried that particular trick. But it means you have to use absolute coordinates that might be different in different browsers.<BR><BR>How far do you want to take this? It&#039;s obviously not simple.<BR><BR>

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