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    The Date in my database is stored as a text field.While displaying the date if the date is less than 10 then the delimiter is also displayed since the left function is used to cut the date.<BR>How do I solve this problem ?<BR>The foll code is used:<BR> session("day") = left(ps("applieddate"),2)<BR>Kindly help!!

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    Hi priti,<BR><BR> You can get around this problem by the way with which you insert the date value into the database.<BR><BR>One thing that u need to do before inserting into the database is to check the day,month. If this is less than 10 as in your case or just a single digit month or day , then you could append the date with a 0. For eg. if the date is 4 jan 1999 then append 4 with 04 and jan with 01 and insert this into the date field of the table.<BR><BR>This should solve your problem<BR><BR>raghu

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