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    Ok, i have information being posted back to my form from my DB perfectly.<BR><BR>Now i want to be able to go in and update the info. <BR><BR>For some reason i am receiving an error for ReferenceID. ReferenceID and Correct_Answer are drop down menus and the rest of the Inputs are Text Areas.<BR><BR>here is my update statement:<BR><BR>SQL = "Update PILOT_QUIZ_QUESTIONS Set " &_<BR><BR> "QuestionText = &#039;" &_<BR> CStr(Request.Form("QuestionText"))& "&#039;"&_<BR> "ReferenceID = &#039;" &_<BR> CStr(Request.Form("ReferenceID"))& "&#039;"&_ <BR> "Answer_A = &#039;" &_<BR> CStr(Request.Form("Answer_A"))& "&#039;"&_<BR> "Answer_B = &#039;" &_<BR> CStr(Request.Form("Answer_B"))& "&#039;"&_<BR> "Answer_C = &#039;" &_<BR> CStr(Request.Form("Answer_C"))& "&#039;"&_<BR> "Answer_D = &#039;" &_<BR> CStr(Request.Form("Answer_D"))& "&#039;"&_ <BR> "Correct_Answer = &#039;" &_<BR> CStr(Request.Form("Correct_Answer"))& "&#039;"&_<BR> "Explanation = &#039;" &_<BR> CStr(Request.Form("Explanation"))& "&#039;"&_<BR><BR>

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    sure referenceid is a character type datatype in the DB. If it is integer type then you should convert it into cint.

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