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    Kepa Guest

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    I am using win98 & PWS for development. I have a global.asa file in my root directory and I initialize session variables in the Session_OnStart subroutine... for instance<BR><BR>Session("Test") = "Test"<BR><BR>When I access Session("Test") in an asp page, I don&#039t get anything. I can get a SessionID in an asp page, but I can&#039t get anything that I am initializing in global.asa. I read that I have to select "execute" for my web in PWS manager, but when I do that my web pages don&#039t show up when I select it in the browser, instead, Microsoft PWS information pages display itself. I have to re-install PWS to get it to work again. I hope someone understands what I am trying to explain because I can use the help.

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    Rob Guest

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    When you say you have the global.asa in your root directory do you mean the root of the application or site you are building or the root of PWS such as wwwroot. If your initial folder in the application you are building is not specified as the root in IIS the global.asa will not be would have to be in the wwwroot folder.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Rob

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    Kepa Guest

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    The global.asa is in the root directory of my web. Actually, I found out that the session variables are being initialized, however, I do not see the changes until I re-boot my system. I try to stop PWS and re-start it, but I don&#039t see the changes I make to the variables. I also try to force session.abandon and I still can&#039t see changes to the variables. I can only see them when I re-boot. Is this normal?

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