Hi,<BR>Can anyone please help me with the following problem:<BR><BR>I have a small grid of radioButtons (4 x 3) and need it to work in the following way. Only one radioButton in any given row can be selected at any one time - this works (it&#039;s the only thing that does. Next, if a particular radioButton is selected i.e. 1 or 2 in row 1 then the corresponding button in rows 2 AND 3 must be deselected and vice versa. Further, of the 12 buttons there will only be 2 selected (one in the 1, 2 column and one in the 3, 4 column).<BR><BR>I am not sure if I have explained this too well so I would be happy to answer specific q&#039;s. I kind of had this working in a small program I wrote but being new to the web development stuff I am finding it hard to move it across. Any help greatfully appreciated.<BR><BR>Best Regards<BR><BR>Chris Blair