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    Allman Guest

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    My developer has created a a web-based using sqlserver 7.0 and aspqmail. One function of this application is to serve as an announcement list to our 2,500 subscribers. There is a very good chance that our subscriber list could grow to 20,000 or more. The problem is that the "system" or this "application" crashes consistantly around the 1,500th email. I have read where aspqmail is being used to send 50,000 messages at a time. I cannot find any info resource that addresses this problem. Has anyone out there implemented a high volume aspqmail solution? Do we need a dedicated email server?

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Hello Allman,<BR><BR>I have used ASPQmail to do tens of thousands of emails at once, and I seriously doubt it&#039s the culprit in this case (although anything is possible - since I do not know how your server is set-up, etc.)<BR><BR>Anyway, what it sounds more like is that the script simply instantiates an ASPQmail object over and over without ever destroying it (setting it to &#039nothing&#039). This would have exactly the effect that you describe. Your script would chew up more and more memory and resources until it finally crashes the server.<BR><BR>My guess is, the code looks something like this:<BR><BR> [ open a database ]<BR> [ create a recordset ]<BR> [ for each record in the recordset ]<BR> mailer = server.createobject [ aspqmail reference ]<BR> [ prepare and send the email ]<BR> [ next record ]<BR><BR>If your code looks similar to this, all you would need is to add the line:<BR><BR> set mailer = nothing<BR><BR>just before the line that does [ next record ].<BR><BR>This is not actual code, just pseudo-code. If you want, you could show this to your developer, or I would be happy to look at your script to help.<BR><BR>Let me know if this does the trick! :) If not, we can dig deeper! Either way, you should not *have* to buy another machine to do your email in this case.<BR><BR> - Mike<BR><BR>

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