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    I am using Request.ServerVariable("Http_Referer") to track where visitors come from. Only two companies have links to our site (and this particular page), and since it&#039;s rather private, there&#039;s really slim chance of people typing in the URL directly. <BR><BR>However, a lot of times it returns null value. Then I found this article saying that major ISPs proxy their clients and that&#039;s why it returns null values.<BR><BR>What does that mean? Is that true? Is there a way to go around it?<BR><BR>Tks!

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    u can alternatively send some predefined querystrings from those<BR>two sites to your sites.instead of bothering about the sites from where the user entered, u need to check only for the querystring which cannot be null(since u know u attached them to the links on those two websites)

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