Okay, kinda long explanation here, but here we go:<BR><BR>I have 3 tables that hold information about classes: Table 1 holds Detail Class Info; Table 2 holds Location information (where the classes will be held); Table 3 holds information as to when the classes will take place. Table 3 also holds the id fields from the Table 1 and Table 2 in order to reference when classes will be. I set it up this way because 1 class may occur a dozen times....so instead of retyping all of the class info (name, price, description), the info is typed once, and then multiple dates are set in table 3 through multiple records. Table 3 also holds a field that contains the record id from table 2. This is also to aid in data entry . So when someone sets up a class, thet goto table 3, select the class, select the location then set the date/time.<BR><BR>What I currently have is 4 ways of browsing for a class....I have 4 list boxes: List 1 holds a list of all the Class Sponsors, for peopel that want to search by that.<BR><BR>List 2 holds all the months, for people who want to browse classes by month<BR><BR>List 3 holds all the states that classes occur in, for people that want to receive a list based on state.<BR><BR>List 4 holds all the cities that classes occur in, for people who want a more specific location search.<BR><BR>Like I said before, that is what I currently have...and it is working fine. Each list box will allow a user to browse solely by its according category. But what is needed is for people to utilize all the search boxes...or just some of them. Example: Someone selects a class sponsor "SPONSOR-A" and receives a list of all of SPONSOR-A&#039;s classes. Now they select October. A list containing all of SPONSOR-A&#039;s October classes should now be select. Now they select Michigan for a state. A list of all SPONSOR-A, in October, in the State of Michigan should now be returned...then they select Detroit....now all of SPONSOR-A, in October, In Detroit Michigan should be displayed. Or If they just select SPONSOR-A in Detroit Michigan, then all of SPONSOR-A in Detroit MI should be displayed (no month). There is no set order in which they are to select these classes. They may skip the sponsor part and go right for Month, State and/or city. Or any one of the solely.<BR><BR>Does this make any sense? I hope it does. Just a side note as well: Each List Box is set for &#039;onChange="submit()"&#039;, so, as soon as a selection is made from any list box, it is submitted and results are returned. The list boxes appear on every page and if a selection is made, the selection is highlighted in it&#039;s list box. So, if someone selected SPONSOR-A, the page submits, returns SPONSOR-A results and SPONSOR-A is selected in the SPONSOR list box. The same goes for the other 3 boxes.<BR><BR>If anyone wants to email me, my 2 main emails are:<BR>ferretworks@hotmail.com<BR>ferretworks@yah oo.com<BR>