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    I am looking to get a new web server. <BR><BR>As of right now I am running <BR>P200 <BR>512 MB Memory <BR>(3) Huge!!! 2gig Drives <BR>Raid 5 <BR>on Windows 2000 <BR>I want to get into ASP.NET <BR>but there is no more room on my drives( I wonder why!!) to install the software.<BR><BR>I am currently use (ASP,HTML, JAVA, ASP.NET) on it, <BR><BR>What would you recommand I should get? Do I need Raid 5? <BR><BR>Thanks <BR>

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    you don&#039;t *need* anything in particular, just more space.<BR><BR>depends, really, on what sort of traffic your server gets, how processor intensive the code is, blah blah blah.<BR><BR>if this is a development server, just get a big IDE disk and have done with it. there&#039;s really no point going ape over a development box.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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