Looking up 'key' table values

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Thread: Looking up 'key' table values

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    Default Looking up 'key' table values

    I have several combo boxes (select) on my page that are populated by expliciting declaring a recordset object, opening a the object, populating it via an explicit sql statement, then looping through the rows to get the &#060;option&#062; values, then of course closing the recordset. <BR><BR>Is there a faster/better way to do this? - I&#039;ve thought about a view, but I&#039;d still have to open the recordset, etc. which wouldn&#039;t save too much.<BR>

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    Default how about arrays?

    U need to open the recordset anyway, but your issue is to use it at the minimum, so why not get the values into arrays like<BR><BR>aspvar=rs.getrows()<BR>and close the recordset immediatly???

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