Hello,<BR><BR>I created a stored procedure that has a somwhat dynamic where clause. I used the COALESCE so that I can leave 1 variable empty.<BR><BR>The problem is no matter what I do, the recordset in the asp page comes up with an empty record error. However this works in sql.<BR><BR>Below is the procedure.<BR>-----------------------------------------------------<BR>Create Procedure SPProductQuery<BR>@Room nvarchar(50) = NULL,<BR>@Item nvarchar(50) = NULL<BR>AS<BR>SELECT *<BR>FROM Products<BR>WHERE Room = COALESCE(@Room,Room) AND<BR> Item = COALESCE(@Item,Item)<BR>-----------------------------------------------------<BR>I&#039;m access this procedure through a page called prodlist.asp<BR><BR>I have the Request("Room") and Request("Item") plugged into these variables. However....when I go to prodlist.asp?Room=Bedroom<BR>I get an error like "either bof or eof blah blah blah".<BR><BR>Any idea why this is hosed?<BR><BR>Keyframer<BR>