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    i am new to asp but old to perl, i wanted a way in ASP to manipulate time so i can just get the hour minute and seconds separately on a 24 hour clock. thanks

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    Try this, I use this all the time,<BR><BR><BR>Dim MyVar<BR>MyVar = Minute(Now) <BR>Dim MySec<BR>MySec = Second(Now) &#039 MySec contains the number representing<BR> &#039 the current second.<BR><BR>Or you can put it all together,<BR>Today is: &#060;%=WeekdayName(Weekday(Date))%&#062;&nbsp; &#060;%=Date%&#062;&nbsp; at&nbsp;&#060;%=Time%&#062; with&nbsp; &#060;%=Minute(now)%&#062;&nbsp;minutes and &nbsp;&#060;%=Second(now)%&#062;&nbsp;seconds. Something like that.<BR>Hope that helps!<BR><BR><BR>

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