Hi !<BR><BR>I have this stored procedure that joins three tables. <BR>Eg. <BR>MusicPublished<BR>values (DiskID, CategoryID)<BR>UserSubscribed<BR>values (CategoryID, UserID)<BR>MusicDeleted<BR>Values (UserID, DiskID)<BR><BR>The stored procedure I&#039;m using is:<BR><BR> CREATE PROCEDURE sp_getUserList<BR><BR> UserID varchar(50)<BR><BR> GO<BR> SELECT us.UserID, us.CategoryID, mp.DiskID<BR> FROM MusicPublished AS mp<BR> JOIN UserSubscribed AS us<BR> ON us.CategoryID = mp.CategoryID<BR> WHERE NOT EXISTS( SELECT * FROM MusicDeleted AS md<BR> WHERE md.UserID = us.UserID And md.DiskID = mp.DiskID<BR> and UserID = @userID);<BR> Go<BR><BR>does anyone know why if @UserID is no found in UserSubscription I don&#039;t get a empty result but all the records based on CategoryID?.. I need to get no records if @UserID is no found in UserSubscription Table.<BR><BR>Appreciate your help,<BR><BR>Angel<BR>