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    I am putting together a shoping cart solution and don&#039;t plan on ever having the site be dynamically maintained/generated by a database. so should i still be using a database to keep track of products and a given users cart or would it be easier/better to just use cookies?<BR><BR>(design: every item would have a form to add it to the cart. that form could pass just the UPC if all other info was in a database, or it could pass all the info - price, name, UPC, shipping ect. the items in ones cart could either be stored as UPC#&#039;s only in cookies, or cookies with keys that have all the info for the products, or just one number with a coresponding entry in a database that would store all the products in their cart. WHICH IS BEST?)

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    Cookies can be disabled therefore your cart would not work.<BR>IMHO databases are easier to work with (something that can be &#039;seen&#039; by the developer). You can also store sales, customer details, inventory. You can also adjust prices, items, descriptions etc by simply updating the database as opposed to rewriting pages. DBs win hands down for me.<BR>

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