first of all, i apologize for this post being somewhat off-topic - if you are opposed to that, please stop reading now<BR><BR>in reaction to the terrible events that transpired yesterday, my brother-in-law is putting together a non-profit organization dedicated to gathering funds to help re-build the world trade center and fight terrorism<BR><BR>he has asked me to put together a form for him that would provide interested parties an interface to donate money to the cause - unfortunately, my time is almost completely maxed out for the next couple of months - and he wants it done by the end of this week<BR><BR>i told him i could put together a form fairly quickly (once he sends me the specs) but i wouldn&#039;t have time to put together anything for credit card validation, etc.<BR><BR>i am asking any of you who would like to help in this effort to contact me at: or contact him at:<BR><BR>please don&#039;t regard this as spam - i hate spam as much, if not more, than you do<BR><BR>if you would like to donate a little time and expertise to this effort, please contact us<BR><BR>every little bit helps<BR><BR>thank you for our time