Hi,<BR><BR>Through an ASP interface, I am trying to update one of the non key fields (&#039;name&#039;) of type &#039;char&#039; in a table called &#039;clients&#039;.<BR><BR>It gives me the following error:<BR><BR>Error while updating.<BR>Description: The query processor could not produce a query plan from the optimizer because a query cannot update a text, ntext, or image column and a clustering key at the same time.<BR><BR>When i try to update the same field through SQL Server Query Analyzer, it updates without any problem.<BR><BR>TABLE DESIGN INFO:<BR>The primary key on this table is a &#039;char&#039; type field called &#039;companyid&#039;. Automatically a clustered index is formed on this field by SQL Server.<BR><BR>Please note that i am able to update another similar table through the same ASP interface without any problem. The problem is with this particular table.<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated,<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Shyam.<BR>