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    Hello. This is my first post here, but I&#039;ve been using this resource for quite some time. I&#039;ve got a unique problem. I&#039;ve built a page for a client that has a little over 100 input boxes..depending on the values in a SQL table. Bottom line..fairly large page to post.<BR><BR> A few days ago, a user complained that her page timed out. I thought it might just be her, but then another user complained to have the same problem. What changed between then and now you ask? Not a thing. And the page works fine for me and numerous other people, however it continues to fail for certain users. Bandwidth and ISP&#039;s have been ruled out of the equation...some of us are on cable modems..some with the same for some and not for others. Checked all versions of IE and dice.<BR><BR> Being the MS proponent I am, I used a "get out of jail free pass" and called microsoft. After running a server utility, the nice guy at MS made the comment that the server was making multiple requests for the page for these users. In other words, they post and the server asks the client for the page again and again until it times out. We&#039;ve reloaded IIS...still the same issue. The MS guy suggested it might be network or firewall related.<BR><BR> Anybody got any clues or had anything similar happen?<BR> Thanks in advance, <BR> Wesley

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    no solid solution, but here&#039;s a tip - 100 input boxes? WAY too much. try and break the page up. never mind the server, think about the human element here - If I was faced with this and didn&#039;t *have* to do it, I&#039;d just leave the site.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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