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    Mathias L. Jantz Guest

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    I have an ASP page connected to my Access database via an ODBC<BR>DSN. I get a<BR>"file already in use" message if I try to open the page while I have the<BR>database open, even though I do not have the database opened<BR>clusively.<BR>Does the ASP page need exclusive access?<BR>

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    Corin Guest

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    You can&#039t have the ACCESS dB open when you are creating dB connection. Also sometimes ACCESS fails to delete the *ldb file when you close it. Check the task manager or just reboot and you should be fine

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    MArk Guest

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    I agree....sometimes the databasr *.ldb file gets corrupted and locks the database...rebooting server will fix.<BR><BR>Also, having an Access database open while making a db Connection should be no problem, as long as you don&#039t have any TABLES or QUERIES open in DESIGN Mode. Having a TABLE open in design mode locks the db to future connections.

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    Joe Contreras Guest

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    I totally agree with the others never have a table/query in design mode. Also make sure your *.ldb hasn&#039t locked the database in any case always make sure you have a backup. Sometime down the road consider to upgrade to SQL Server 7.0 or Oracle.

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    Robert Varner Guest

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    If you are running NT4.0 and IIS, you can just shut down the Web Publishing Service and restart it again. This should clear the lock on your access table.

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